Everything You Need To Build A Modular Home In Colorado

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  • There is a long tradition of prefabricated homes in Colorado. In some of the remotest, most secluded areas, building modular or log homes is practically the only cost-effective option. In high elevations where the snow lasts well into spring, the building season is incredibly short, making the speed at which modular homes can be constructed even more valuable than usual.
  • If you’re building your new modular home in the mountains, make sure to have your builder plot out a route to get to your build site. Narrow mountain roads or steep inclines can sometimes prevent modules from being able to reach your land!
  • Building a home in an area with a lot of snowfall? Even if you’re not building a chalet style home, make sure that your roof is at a sufficient incline to keep too much snow from building up. Damage from this doesn’t always look like a roof collapse – it can be more gradual and go unnoticed for a long time. Ask your modular home builder about this!
  • The most popular styles of modular home in Colorado are Ranch, Two-story and Chalet style homes. Ranch and Chalet are used most often in rural areas, while Two-story homes are most common in and around metropolitan areas like Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Fort Collins, Boulder, and other cities.

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