Everything You Need To Build A Modular Home In Massachusetts

We won’t go in to all of the reasons that modular construction is superior here, but you can see our other articles on why they’re less expensive, safer, get built faster, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendlyInstead, just click below to find the builder or home of your dreams.

  • Building modular in Massachusetts is a bit of a no-brainer. With harsh winter weather and the eternal cycle of sun, rain, sun/rain, building in factory-controlled conditions just makes sense.
  • The snowy climate makes the Cape Cod modular homes by far the most popular floor plans – a fact that should come as no surprise given that Massachusetts is home to the area that gave the style its name.
  • With much of the state spread across rural areas, the benefit of modular construction is even more clearly evident as the lion’s share of construction work is done in the factory and on-site construction is fairly minimal.
  • Urban and suburban areas around Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, Newton, Framingham, and Pittsfield, MA are some of the areas with the most modular construction taking place. Prefab homebuilders there generally favor two story plans due to the higher cost of real estate, electing to build up rather than out to save money.

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