Everything You Need To Build A Modular Home In New Jersey

We won’t go in to all of the reasons that modular construction is superior here, but you can see our other articles on why they’re less expensive, safer, get built faster, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendlyInstead, just click below to find the builder or home of your dreams.

  • After the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, residents on the shore looked around and saw that, as FEMA rightly claims, the modular homes tended to stand up better to the extreme weather. This, along with the much faster construction times, is a main reason why so many families chose to rebuild using modular construction.
  • Many New Jersey residents living in and around urban centers are turning to modular construction, taking advantage of the increased build speed, decreased cost, and superior quality that prefab building brings. In suburban areas especially, where land value is high and neighbors are packed in tight, the less disruption a new home construction project makes, the better.
  • The most popular modular floor plans in New Jersey are generally Cape Cod style homes and Two-Story homes. The former more are popular in more rural areas with their iconic sloped roofs keeping heavy snow from building up, and the latter are more popular in more tightly packed suburban areas where land is at a premium, making the decision to build up rather than out an easy one.

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