Everything You Need To Build A Modular Home In Pennsylvania

We won’t go in to all of the reasons that modular construction is superior here, but you can see our other articles on why they’re less expensive, safer, get built faster, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendlyInstead, just click below to find the builder or home of your dreams.

  • The most popular modular home floor plan styles in Pennsylvania are the Cape Cod, Two-Story, and Ranch style homes. With their distinctive steep roofs, Cape Cod style homes keep the heavy snow from building up on top and give the house an attractive, homey feeling. Two-Story homes are most popular in tightly-packed suburban areas, especially the areas surrounding Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
  • New home builders in Pennsylvania choosing prefab building will benefit from being near the manufacturing plants for many of the best modular manufacturers on the East Coast. This means not only more options to chose from, but also lower shipping costs for the home once it’s ready to be set.

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