Everything You Need To Build A Modular Home In Virginia

We won’t go in to all of the reasons that modular construction is superior here, but you can see our other articles on why they’re less expensive, safer, get built faster, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendlyInstead, just click below to find the builder or home of your dreams.

  • While most of Virginia is not quite far enough south to avoid the nasty weather during the winter, it’s definitely hot and humid in in many areas during the summer, meaning that Virginia home have to be well insulated. Fortunately, modular construction creates much more airtight and energy effecient homes because of the precision construction process. Your heating and cooling costs will be significantly lower with a modular home!
  • Virginia’s weather also plays a role in the style of homes. While two-story homes are popular in the suburban areas surrounding cities like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Richmond, and Newport, in less densely populated areas, colonial and ranch style modular home floorplans are most popular.
  • Prices for modular homes built in Virginia are competetive because of the high concentration of modular manufacturers based around the Pennsylvania area. The shipping costs from PA to VA are minimal, keeping the overall costs down as well.

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