Homeowners Who Home School: Guidance & Support

Basically anyone can choose to homeschool. It is legal in all 50 states with each one having its own specific requirements. For example, in New Hampshire you must notify your local superintendent (or a non-public school which participates) right away when you begin your home schooling. You are also required to keep a portfolio of samples of work your child has done. Finally you need to submit an annual evaluation which shows how your child has progressed educationally in terms of their age and ability level. You can choose to homeschool a child at any time during their educational development ranging from Kindergarten all the way to twelfth grade. Many parents today are choosing to begin home schooling during the middle school years because of school safety problems that can occur in the schools.
Why are so many parents choosing to home school their children today? Most reasons fall into one of three main categories including: Religious or Morals, Inadequate Education at Schools, and Political Beliefs. Religious and moral problems are the most common reasons why parents choose to home school. Religion is not allowed in the public school systems and many parents want their children to have a deep understanding of their faith. Also some parents do not agree with the theory of evolution being taught in schools as opposed to God being the creator. Many parents also object to sexual education being taught in schools. They want more control over what parts of sexual education their children are exposed to.
The category of inadequate education concerns more than just the large number of students per class and the lack of one-on-one attention. Parents are often dismayed with certain teaching methods, the decline in academic standards and the increase in safety concerns. Bullying, for example, is worse than ever and has led to much more dire consequences than in the past. Finally the political beliefs category refers to more liberal parents who believe that restrictive schools stifle their child’s creativity and freedom.
There are many benefits to home schooling your children. The ability for your child to learn at his or her own pace is a very important one. Some people get certain concepts much quicker than others. When your child is home schooled he or she will not be held back or forced to move forward when he or she is not ready. This helps to minimize the amount of stress involved with learning. Home schooling is very flexible. With home schooling you can truly tailor the education to your child’s specific needs, personality, interests and learning style. Also you can choose the teaching style that works best for you and for your child.


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