Modular Manufacturer Profile: Clayton Homes

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Clayton Homes, one of the nation’s largest modular manufacturers, is actually made up of multiple smaller regional manufacturers. This allows each smaller company to give more focus to their particular area and develop specialized construction styles for each region while still giving the discounts their enormous collective buying power allows them. Since they have factories serving every state in the country, they offer every different style of home, each with dozens, if not hundreds, of standard plans. They offer customizations to those plans in addition to producing completely custom homes. Search Clayton Homes’ stock of standard floor plans through our database here.

What Makes Them Unique?

Clayton Homes is one of the few manufacturers that offers both modern style steel frame housing as well as the more traditional style. They opened their first home center back in 1966 as a family business and within 20 years it had grown into a publicly traded company with 10 factories all building manufactured and modular homes. They went on to acquire 21st Century Mortgage to help finance their customer’s homes and become part of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc, the holding company founded by Warren Buffett. Through their subsidiaries and partner companies, Clayton homes can help you finance, insure, and construct your new modular home.

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