The Infinite Possibility Of Modular Home Design

Modular homes are no longer the cookie-cutter homes of the 1950’s. Explore the new possibility and increased functionality of prefab homes!



Modular home design can really be summed up in just two words: “Infinite Possibility.” There’s no home that can be built that can’t be built with modular construction. Prefabs are no longer confined to just single story or even two story buildings, there’s no “average” modular floor plan, and anyone who says a modular home is less well-built than their site-built counterparts clearly hasn’t opened their eyes in the past 15 years.

There’s no home that can be built that can’t be built with modular construction.

So now that you know that you can build anything you want, the only question that remains is… what do YOU want to build?

If you don’t already know the answer to that question, a good place to start is to check out the most popular styles of modular homes. What sort of house do you see yourself living in?


Making Changes to Existing Modular Home Plans

Even if you choose to build your new home with completely unique blueprints, many homeowners find it useful to start their process by looking at pre-existing modular floor plans. Our handy database just happens to have hundreds for you to look through.

You may find a floor plan that is almost exactly what you’re looking for. If you do, don’t worry that it’s just not quite right; you can make any changes you want. The vast majority of manufacturers will let you make as many changes to their standard plans as you want, though you’ll get the best value by staying within their normal design options.

If you wanted to change the type of tile in the bathroom, or move the sink to the other side of the kitchen, those sorts of changes won’t cost you much – if anything – to make. If you want to add a new wing onto the house, or start adding new rooms, those changes will start to increase the cost of both designing and manufacturing your home.

Take a look at these three different homes below.

All three of these homes started with the same pre-existing floor plan, and yet with only a minor amount of customization, all three look completely different. If major changes are made, homes that start with the same pre-existing plan often look absolutely nothing alike.


A Design Feature That Every Modular Home Needs To Have

To avoid having your home smell like the inside of a musty old closet, put at least one air vent in every room.

Due to the more exact nature of modular building, modular homes are much more air-tight, meaning they are much better at retaining their temperature contributing to their “green” reputation.

The potential drawback is that there is much less air escaping your home, there is also much less fresh air entering your home. This can cause problems with must and mold, so it’s important to have at least one air vent in every room in the house.


When It’s Better To Start From Scratch

Even though starting from a pre-existing modular floor plan can be a good way to plan your home, designing a prefab from scratch can often make more sense. If you want your home to have an unusual shape or design, if you’re building your home to fit a unique parcel of land, or if you have already had a home designed and you want to build it using modular construction, you may be better off not working from a standard plan.


Making It Your Own

It’s often the case that a floor plan you find is almost exactly what you’re looking for and it just needs a little something to make it feel like home. Learn how to customize your module home design and make it fit your exact needs.

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