7 Things to Remember when Choosing an Open Floor Plan for Your Home

Open floor plans happen to be my favorite design for homes. To me, open floor plans are welcoming and perfect for entertaining guests. Are open floor plans for everyone? Of course not! Here are a few things you might want to consider before purchasing an open floor plan home:

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  • More Natural Light – with less walls, doors, and general blockage, your home will be basking in natural sunlight. If you’re a vampire, this is bad. If you love the bright sunshine, the only downfall to this factor is that you have to go shopping. (I use the word ‘downfall’ loosely; think of all the fun new window coverings you get to buy!) You can start putting away those lamps now…
  • Great for Entertaining – Open floor plans in the home always bring one thing to my mind; parties! If you’re a recluse who doesn’t like a lot of people in your home, this may be a bad choice for you. …Truth is, open floor plans are welcoming and inviting; once your friends and family see that your home is the perfect location for the next gathering, you will officially be known as the ‘party house’!
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  • Less Walls = Less Decorating – With less wall space, you can save some money on your interior decorating. No need for tons of fancy artwork or paintings; keep things simple and streamlined.
  • Handicap Accessible – there’s a reason why senior living communities are one floor and wide open; if you’re in a wheel chair, getting around from room to room can be difficult. Open floor plan housing is ideal for those in a wheelchair or walker.
  • Hard to Hide Clutter – If you’re one of those people who hides clutter instead of organizing it, an open floor plan home might not be ideal for you. With less walls and storage space, it’s very hard to hide your messes. Keeping an open floor plan neat and tidy is a daily task.
  • Kid Friendly – If you’re a Mom who has her hands full with multiple children, open floor plans are a perfect choice! With less hiding spots for your kids, open floor plans makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the little ones from nearly every room!
  • Privacy? Not so much – If you’re a private person who likes to keep to themselves, open floor plans may not be the best choice for you. Open floor plans in the home allow for sound to travel easily. Peace and quiet may not be easy to obtain when there are no walls or doors to shut out the sound.

How do you feel about open floor plans? If you’re in the housing market for a new home, you might want to take these factors into considering when choosing your new home.

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