Outdoor BBQ Safety for your Home

While summer provides opportunities for leisure and outdoor activity, people must make sure they are mindful of their health and safety. Grilling outdoors is among the most popular summer activities, so adhering to outdoor BBQ safety and food safety tips is paramount. Improperly cooking meat on an outdoor BBQ is an easy way for a person to find themselves in the hospital. Likewise, neglecting fire safety tips can also end in disaster.

Localities and safety organizations are vigilant in sharing information to the public about outdoor cooking safety during the summer months, and students routinely receive summer safety packets before adjourning and moving to the next grade. Many government agencies put out press releases to make sure that anyone using grills is well aware of the risk, and how to mitigate these risks. Barbecuing is an excellent pastime that many people enjoy, so it is necessary to empower onesself with knowledge that can save a life. Always follow proper protocol, and conduct research when in doubt.

Athabasca Inspection Services

On this page, readers will get an in depth look at barbecue safety. The site features various guides and food safety tips on properly preparing grills and protection from harmful fumes and fire hazards.

BBQ Related Links

The page features a number of resources, including recipes, safety tips and information from the National Barbecue Association.

Toronto Fireplace Links

This is a how-to and FAQ page on a number of barbecue resources. It features information on cleaning, in addition to installation and fireplace maintenance.

BBQ Institute Links

Readers will receive insight on a number of barbecue tips. Some tips include whether to use wood or charcoal, proper cooking temperatures and ways to build ones own pit.

Vanderbilt Outdoor Recreation Information

This page contains information on all things outdoors in the state of Tennessee. Readers will learn about hiking, camping and nature opportunities.

Colorado State Safe Summer Camping

This is an in depth camping guide from Colorado State University. The guide features a number of tips and considerations for campers.

Quinsigamond Community College BBQ Safety

This community college offers perspective on a number of BBQ safety related facts, including BBQ pit safety. The site contains how-to’s, tips, warning signs and more.

US Forest Service Camping Tips?

This page features an all-encompassing camping guide from the United States Forest Service. The guide touches on food and water, fire safety, inclement weather and heat conditions.

Champaign Urbana Public Health District

This page features a number of tips on all things health related, including environmental safety and smoking.

Evergreen Propane

This site features a number of tips related to propane grilling. Readers will learn about brands, systems and camping tips.

National Fire Prevention Association

This guide gives readers a wealth of information on proper grilling procedure and safety tips.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

The page goes in depth about how to set up grills for the holiday weekend with safety in mind.

Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association

The site contains general tips, tricks and how to-s regarding barbecue safety.

HPBA Gas Grill Safety

The page features safety tips for people using gas powered outdoor BBQ sets.

Montgomery County Maryland

The page goes in detail about outdoor BBQ safety for its residents.

University of Illinois Extension

This University of Illinois sponsored site features grilling safety, recipes and marinades.

University of Illinois Student Affairs

This page contains general rules and safety procedures for grillers.

Arlington, VA Health & Safety

This Arlington government page features grilling safety tips and procedures.

UCSC Fire Marshall

The UCSC Fire Marshall issues grill safety tips, in addition to contact information in case of emergency.

Indiana State University

The school posted campus grilling rules and procedures, in addition to safety regulations.

Prince George County Public Schools

This public school system sponsored page features food preparation safety tips.

United States Department of Agriculture

The page contains a list of proper food handling procedures for outdoor grillers.


A number of summer weather related tips, including hurricane preparedness.

The Center for Disease Control

Readers will get a number of tips on proper water storage safety.

Princeton University Recreation

This site, from Princeton, features a number of winter camping tips for enthusiasts and novices.

Boy Scouts of America

This page contains information on camping awareness and preparedness.

Florida Atlantic University

The university offers a number of tips related to cooking safely and efficiently.

The Kids Health Organization

This site provides a number of articles relating to kids health, with a strong focus on recipes and cooking.

Be Fire Smart

This organization explains the importance of cooking safely and avoiding fire hazards.

Farmers Advance

An article that goes into details about toxins that can emit from barbecued grills and recycled materials.

U.S. Fire Administration for Kids

This organization stresses the importance of teaching fire safety early and often. Kids are given tips on camping, home fire safety and more.

Medline Plus

The page features tips on fire safety and preventing fire hazards while cooking.

Burbank Fire Department Fall Safety Tips

This guide features seasonal notes to keep in mind in terms of fire safety.

Los Angeles Fire Department Website

Readers get in depth fire prevention tips from the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The Fire Safety Institute

This page offers a thorough look at fire safety, the science of fire safety and ways to avoid fire hazards in the home, outdoors and in the workplace.

The Basehor Sentinel

This article contains safety information on cooking meats, proper grill use and more.

Safe Kids Oranization

This organization page teaches children how to have fun in the summer, while remaining safe from camping and grilling injuries.

Fermillab Business Services

This page contains articles with common sense tips on grilling setup and outdoor cooking safety.

Healthy Eating Support

The Healthy Eating Support organization offers sound tips on grilling safe and healthy.

Propane Safety

This page contains a number of tips on using propane for grilling, while preventing safety hazards.


On this page, PETA offers readers delicious and flavorful grilling recipes.

Primal Grill

The site contains a number of diverse recipes from chef Steven Raichlen.


Readers are given a thorough guide to grilling outdoors, complete with recipes.


Readers will receive unique and flavorful grilling recipes from author Alex Komarnitzky.

Kids Health.org

This informational article tells children what to do when and if a fire breaks out.

Rhodes State College

This guide tells Rhode State College students what to do in case of a fire, while also explaining the signs of a fire.

Weschester County

This County sponsored page offers tips for the whole family on grilling outside safely.

The City of Boston

This page features seasonal tips on grilling outside, adhering to outdoor cooking safety codes and adhering to fire safety practices.

New York City

Readers get an in depth look at Summer fire safety tips, as outlined by New York City.

New York State Fire Safety

Residents receive a thorough guide on fire and BBQ pit safety.

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