The Busy Homeowner’s Modular Construction Timeline


Before the manufacturer starts construction on your modular home, there are some things that absolutely need to be done to make sure that your prefab will be on a sound plot of land. Before you okay the manufacture of your home, make sure you’ve done all the necessary due diligence.


Pre Set-Day

While your modular home is being constructed by the manufacturer, your GC’s crew will be busy getting the build-site prepped for the delivery of the modules. There’s a lot of preparations to get done before your modular home can be delivered and set. Read the 4 Steps to Prep Your Modular Home Build Site guide.

Rock ledge at a modular construction site

Building on a slope is possible, but if your property has any rock ledges like this one, it will make digging your foundation a much longer and more expensive process.

Three Weeks Before Set Day:

  • Designate and clear an area for a rough (unpaved) driveway for construction vehicles and the crane to use
  • Dig the foundation for the home and any other on-site construction projects like a garage or porch

Two Weeks Before Set Day:

  • Install the foundation
  • Install plumbing, electric, gas, and anything else that will need to run through the foundation
  • Inspect the foundation
  • Inspect utilities running through the foundation. If something is wrong and isn’t caught until the foundation is poured, it can be extremely expensive to fix!

One Week Before Set Day:

  • Install footing drains
  • Install sill plate
  • Pour the foundation
  • Inspect the foundation
  • Do a waterproofing test
  • Do a drainage test

Post Set-Day

Now that your modular home has been delivered and set on its foundation, it’s time to go about turning these separate modules into a fully functional home. Even prefabs require some on-site work, so here’s your timeline for the four weeks after your modular home is set. Note that this could take less time or more time depending on the amount of on-site construction you’ll be doing.

First Week After Setmodular garage pro-tip

  • Weatherproof your home. Rainwater getting in between modules right now could be disastrous
  • Start work on any exterior on-site construction (garages, porches)
  • Remove temporary framing
  • Connect utilities between modules
  • Permanently fasten the interior marriage walls
  • Inspect structural integrity
  • Build basement stairs

Second Week After Set

  • Connect utilities to the grid
  • Test all utilities
  • Complete any exterior on-site additions like siding or decorative framing

Third Week After Set

  • Install carpet and custom flooring
  • Conduct final utility inspections
  • Add insulation to basement ceiling, garage if necessary
  • Complete the backfill grade-leveling of the build area
  • Inspect drywall for cracks, touchup and repaint as necessary
  • GC and owner do a detailed walk-through inspection for any last-minute changes or fixes

Fourth Week After Set

  • Complete changes from walk-through inspection
  • Complete on-site work
  • Complete touch-ups
  • Have a government building inspector give a final inspection and issue a certificate of occupancy

Fifth Week After Set

  • Enjoy your brand new modular home!

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