Finalizing Your Modular Home Design

You’ve bought the land, picked the GC, decided on a manufacturer, designed your home, and now it’s almost time to give this project the green light. Before you do that though, there are some last-minute issues to address.

Coming In Over-Budget

First, there’s a good chance that some of the features that you wanted in your new home are just out of your reach financially. No matter how conservative you try to be with extra amenities, there’s always the desire to add more. As such, you may be a bit over-budget. Here’s our guide on what to do when you come in over-budget.

Unforeseen Expenses

You’ve probably got a loan from the bank for building expenses, and even if you’ve built in a little bit of padding just in case you come across some unforeseen problems, it never hurts to be aware of the most common causes of budget overages. Take an in-depth look at some common unforeseen expenses.

Final Checklist

With so much planning going on and so much attention being paid to big picture decisions, it’s not hard to overlook an important, but easy-to-miss step here or there. As your very last task before you green light the project, take a look at our final checklist of things you may have missed.

Moving Forward

It’s finally time. You’ve gotten financing, planned out your house, double and triple checked everything, and it’s finally time to leave the planning stages and start to actually get your house built. Give your manufacturer and GC the go ahead and everything will be put in motion. Next we’ll cover what will happen while your house is being built.


— Next Up: Site Prep

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