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Water conservation; what do you know about it? For a lot of states, April is water conservation month! April is also the month that Earth Day happens to fall in (clearly, Mother Nature loves April!)

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So, back to the original question: What do you know about water conservation? If you want a good place to start, I wrote an article all about how to conserve water at home – you should definitely read it, if you haven’t!  There’s tons of creative water conservation ideas from many different people in there!

Water conservation is actually pretty easy! There are many ways you can conserve water in and outside of the home. I actually have plans with my husband to build a rain barrel this weekend. We found some great ideas for rain barrels here!

Some of my favorite water conservation ideas for conserving water in the home include:

  • If you’re waiting for the shower/bath to warm up, collect the cold water in a bucket and use it for watering plants/filling up the pet’s water dishes!
  • Don’t flush the toilet every time you use it. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the saying, “if it’s yellow, let it mellow.” – I mean, don’t be gross about it, but every time you don’t flush, you’re saving water!
  • Speaking of toilets, look into water saving toilet bowls!
  • The next time you take a shower, time yourself; if you’re going over 5 minutes, not only are you probably turning into a prune, but you’re wasting a lot of water.
  • When you do laundry, make sure you’re only washing full loads! Don’t start up the washing machine for a few pair of socks!
  • When you’re doing dishes, fill the sink with water and wash/rinse dishes all at once – aka, don’t keep turning the faucet on and off for each dish.
  • For outdoor water conservation, consider making a rain barrel (like I mentioned above!) to water the lawn/plants.
  • Use mulch on your garden beds; it helps retain moisture in the soil!
  • Consider making (or buying) a drip irrigation system to water plants and flowers.
  • If you’re washing your car outside, make sure you’re filling up a bucket with soap and water; only turn the hose on to rise the car – and do it quickly!
  • Invest in a pressure cooker for food; it saves time and water!

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Do you have any tips or water conservation ideas? I’d love to hear them!


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