5 Locations Where You Want Your Vacation Home

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If you’re like me, you’re probably dreaming of the day when you can retire and settle down in a gorgeous vacation home. For a lot of people, it’s just that – a dream. But it doesn’t have to be! The National Association of Realtors released a study that said 40% of all homes bought in America were actually vacation homes! Vacation homes can be very affordable! Whether you’re looking for the West Coast or East Coast, here are my top picks: 5 locations where you want your vacation home to be:

  • West Palm Beach, Florida – When you think of Florida, you automatically think of vacations (at least I do anyways!) As of 2012, vacation homes were being sold for right around $100,000. How can you beat this price? Plus, it’s Florida! Get ready for some fun nights of shuffleboard!

  • Poconos, New York – According to CBSnews.com, the average 2bed/2bath vacation home is $182,000. With Lake Wallenpaupack nestled in the Poconos, you can enjoy some of the best rafting, hiking, waterfall sight seeing and more. It’s the perfect family vacation spot!

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  • Santa Monica, Ca – If you love the West Coast, forget Hollywood and head to Santa Monica. With the picture perfect weather and spectacular scenery (re: beaches), you can find a slew of vacation homes that are just right for you! And not to mention, there’s always nightlife and fun at the Pier!

  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Now to me, this isn’t a vacation; I live in Vegas haha! But for a lot of people, coming to Sin City is the ultimate dream. Did you know the real estate is slightly declining in Vegas? Now would be the time to pick up a vacation home. Check the foreclosures and you’re bound to get a home close to $100,000!

  • Moultonborough, New Hampshire – I love New England. Like, a lot. Did you ever see the movie What About Bob? Lake Winnipesaukee is the lake that was featured in that movie. While this area is a seasonal vacation spot, no one can deny the beauty. If you’ve never experienced New England in the fall, you’re really missing out. While the prices for a water front home are rather high, the outlying areas are worth checking out!

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Where would you buy a vacation home?

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