DIY Easter Home Decorations

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Happy Friday everyone! With the upcoming holiday this weekend, I’m about to be in transit to see the family! Holidays are always so nostalgic in my family. My Mother is the type of person who cherishes traditions; this means, even at my age, I still get an Easter basket. (Hey, I’m not complaining…Bring on the Cadbury Mini-Eggs!)

My Mother is also the type of person who decorates the home for just about every holiday. (She even has a stuffed groundhog she brings out on February 2nd…I’m not joking!) Easter is no exception!

For those of you who are looking for DIY Easter home decorations, you’ve come to the right place. My incredibly creative and talented Mother has taught me the art of being resourceful and artsy my entire life. (I credit her to my love for home décor!) It always amazed me with the decorations she would come up with (and this was before the internet era!)

DIY Easter Home DecorationsPhoto Credit

Here are a few fun DIY Easter home decoration ideas I’ve found that I love:

  • DIY Mr. and Mrs. Easter Eggs – Do you know a couple that has recently gotten married or engaged? This would be the perfect project (or present!) for them to decorate their home with!
  • Framed Scrapbook Paper Easter Photo – How adorable would this photo (or a group of these photos) be, hanging on the wall in the dining room for Easter dinner? I love how simple it is to make, too! Get the kids involved in this one; you could even paint/glitter the frames!
  • DIY Easter Wreath for the Home – There’s only 3 materials needed for this super adorable Easter Wreath! Hang this craft project with pride on the door to your home, to greet all of your guests!
  • DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland – What an awesome way to use those free paint samples from the hardware stores! Not only is this pretty much the cheapest Easter home decorations you will ever make, but it’s also adorable!
  • Button Egg Photo – Do you have s collection of random buttons that you’ve saved over the years? I know I do in my sewing drawer! What better way to put those buttons to use than by sewing them into an Easter egg shape on a frame! I love this!
  • DIY Easter Home Decorations and Crafts – This blog has a great selection of Easter crafts including center pieces, napkin holders and place settings. Make sure your dinner table is set!
  • DIY Edible Easter Terrarium – This would be the perfect center piece or end table display! Heck, I might even make these and use them to replace the traditional Easter basket!

DIY Easter Home Decorations Photo Credit

Do you have any other cute ideas for DIY Easter Home Decorations? Did you have any traditions that you followed as a kid and have now passed on to your family? (To this day, I still dye Easter eggs on Good Friday! I’ve got my kit ready for tonight!)

Wishing everyone a great weekend! Enjoy xo

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