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Spring Paint Color Scheme

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With Spring nearly upon us (Spring officially starts on Wednesday, March 20th!) I know many of you (myself included) have started thinking about all of the home projects we’ve neglected throughout the winter months. I can’t speak for most people, but every few years, I love to check out the new color schemes for homes; there’s no better way to give your home a face lift than with a fresh coat of paint!

 Spring Home Color Schemes

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Whether you’re someone who likes basic neutrals that you can style your home décor around, or you prefer to choose vibrate color schemes for the home that really pack a punch, there’s no denying it: paint can change a room.

So the big question most everyone has is, “What color paint do I choose?” The possibilities are endless, my friends! Color schemes for the home have come a long way from the simple eggshell white (although, that’s still a classic color!)

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I know I’ve referenced these website a million times, but and are still my favorites when it comes to home décor inspiration. Check out these color schemes and idea boards:

Are you looking for a specific color scheme? Taste the rainbow and check out some of these paint ideas by color!:

Not sure what paint color schemes will work for your house? Get wild! Often, the crazier the color combinations, the more it works!

They often say “A picture is worth a thousand words”…when envisioning the new paint job in your home, sometimes you need that picture. If you’re one of those people who loves to visualize everything before making a move, this website is for you:

What are some of the color schemes for homes that I want to try? I really love this brown/orange/blue combination. It reminds me of the Caldor rainbow of my childhood! I also really like this purple/grey/teal combo. …I can never say no to purple!

What color schemes do you want to paint your home?

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