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Carolina Diversified Builders is a custom modular home builder based out of Gilbert, South Carolina. They do true modular homes, log homes, and timber frame homes and specialize in re-working standard plans and creating custom designs.

What Makes Them Unique?

Carolina Diversified Builders is one of the few modular builders that maintain a good working relationship with multiple different modular factories. They work with a total of six different manufacturers to bring you the most standard options available and give you the greatest flexibility when designing your home.

CDB also has a huge amount of experience working with clients to make their homes as energy efficient as possible, and even have a resources to help you get low-interest loans for solar power systems for your home!

Build Area

Carolina Diversified Builders constructs custom modular homes in North Carolina and South Carolina.

Manufacturer Partners

Maston Homes is a builder partner Cardinal, Excel, Handcrafted Homes, ModUKraf, Nationwide Homes, and Ritz-Craft Homes.

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